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                 Maou (2008) x Alice no Toge (2014) 


Happy Easter!!!


Run For You (2011)
"This stubborn pride. This straining voice. Don’t let the string of tensions make your heart ache. There’s no morning when the sun won’t rise, so don’t stop dreaming.  The real challenge is starting here and now."


From: Asadesu 2014.04.18

(My crappy translation, don’t trust it)


From an old jweb entry-

Toma gets annoyed at 3 high school boys who mistakenly pronounced Kame’s name as Kamenishi when Nobuta wo Produce was airing.

I internally started screaming , “Wrong~It’s Kamenashi! You’re mixing Kamenashi and Akanishi together! It’s totally wrong! It’s like calling YamaP YamaQ. Speaking of which, who’s YamaQ?” [x]

Lol.. so cute :D

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Tanaka koki

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Tanaka Koki

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Shinoda Mariko trolls Akimoto Sayaka on Twitter 01.28.2014

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wiggle wiggle 

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urbane outer manual」 - 2014.05 FINEBOYS X Kazuya Kamenashi

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Damatta mama Hottokenai
Narafuri kamawazu kata wo kumi honryou hakki sa 

- Personally liking this dance’s part. but it does not showing much in music show T^T

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omnomnom (ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫

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